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What is the best advice you would give someone that is getting their first tattoo?



-Ideas on what to get?

-etc...What is the best advice you would give someone that is getting their first tattoo?
The best advice I got (from my mom) was to pick out a design and then to wait a year. If I still wanted the same design a year later, it was worth getting. It will be there forever so even though a year seems like a long time, it really isn't. For my first tattoo I went so far as to have a rubber stamp made of the design I wanted. I used that to ';stamp'; my fake tattoo every day. I have four tattoos now and don't regret any of them.

As for placement, etc. that is up to you and your tastes. I wouldn't do anything on the front of my neck or face if you plan to go into any type of business career.What is the best advice you would give someone that is getting their first tattoo?
First and foremost, do you really want one, they last a long time,like a life time. Locate it where it can be covered with modest clothes so you can conceal it when in church or other formal places.
id say dont do it
keep it small and on your right shoulder and get a butterfly and it won't look bad.

good luck and stop worrying if some one sees it or not.

i know your a pretty looking young woman and it will look really good.

hope you get all the things in life you want.

hugs girl
before you go in make sure you have eaten. especially something with sugar in it. and take along a sugary drink like a soda to sip on during your session. my first tat i got when i was 18 lower back my name in chinese, i nearly passed out because i hadn't eaten, the artist stopped working and gave me a soda to chug and i was fine. my second tat was my element (water) in chinese in my right ankle. went well, my third was a butterfly on my left foot, and my fourth i just got for my 25 birthday back in march a texas star between my shoulder blades, and again i didn't eat and i nearly passed out. the sugar in your blood rushes to heal the wound and if you haven't eaten then there isn't any sugar to be had, so you get woozie and can pass out. my art teacher told me that if i really wanted a tattoo to pick one i liked out and sit on the design for a year, if you still like it after a year then get it. then you will never have a tat you don't like. i love all four of mine andtook his advice on waiting on each one. especially since they are for life. having one removed is much more expensive then getting one put on and it hurts alot worse. never get anyones name done either. just make sure the tat is what you really really want. something special to you., hope that helps.
Just make sure the design is something you want. For your first one, make it small and in a place that can be covered up (back, foot, sholder) That way if you have any regrets later... it won't be so bad.
Get something you know you won't regret. Do not get anyone's name on yourself, that is just pure stupidity. Bring a friend so you have someone to hold your hand if you're scared. It's really not bad. Placement, size, and what you get are all up to you. Just make sure you take VERY good care of it afterward. You should be quite fine, and good luck!
Please think long and hard about this, it will be there FOREVER, get something small somewhere that it can be covered up, and it has to be something you will love forever, because believe me you will be stuck with it always.
Keep it simple. Don't go and get your whole body tatooed at once.
More than anything else, I'd say make sure the person who does it is a professional and they properly clean their equipment. You don't want some hideous infection.

You could get hepatitus.

It will look ridiculous when you are older.

It'll cost far more to get it removed.
i say don't
placement-hey it's your choice, your body, right? Just, make sure, if the job calls for it, you can cover it up. You know, some places won't let you have tattoos showing...I dunno.

size-well, what do you want?

ideas on what to get-*shrugs* but self design it, don't look in the books. or, show them a picture of something and they can draw it for you!=]

etc.-don't go in drunk. lol
whatever you want to get is what you want. who cares, here's the important part.

research your artist. get referrals, see his work, not just photos. don't go wiht the cheapest guy, you have to pay for great work. don't just walk into any studio blindly. tattoo artists mostly are annoyed by tattoo virgins. don't act stupid, don't complain about the pain and tip big.
Don't drink before you get it done. You run the risk of bleeding out some of the ink and requiring a touch up. Also, make sure you follow the artist's aftercare instructions.
Hey Lindsey. Placement.......somewhere it can be concealed. Ten years from now, during a critical job interview, it may be as awkward as showing up barefoot. What to get........something timeless. Stay away from pop culture and current trends. People will see it as representing your current mind-set. Like someone who wears a ZZ Top tattoo from 1982. The point is, be careful. As humans, we make many judgments based on first impressions.

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